Zontes T310 – tiny technical powerhouse

A what? You might well ask, but our travel and adventure sector is being taken very seriously by manufacturers and bikes targeted at travellers now come in all sizes. And with all kinds of gadgets too it seems.

The Zontes T310 is Chinese but, in addition to two engine power modes, consider for a moment what this twin-cam single cylinder machine offers within its £3,999 price:

Keyless transponder ignition / immobiliser
Lithium battery with remote charge point
USB charge point
LCD dash display
Adjustable screen [electric]
LED lights
Backlit switchgear
Electric fuel cap cover release
Disengageable Bosch ABS
Electric seat release
Alloy swing arm
Stainless exhaust system with cool touch mufflers
Lightweight diamond cut alloys
Galvanised fuel tank
Luggage mount point compatible with Shad luggage or dedicated 3 piece aluminium adventure luggage
Disk lock carrier

And you can test ride one at The Event this year!