Moto Freight Sponsoring The Authors’ Tent

Offering worldwide motorcycle shipping and airfreight services, Moto Freight is the international vehicle transport specialist. Every member of our team rides a motorcycle and is a keen traveller, we love what we do and for us our work is our passion.

We work continuously to open up new freight routes with the intention of increasing the number of travel destinations available to the intrepid explorer, whilst simultaneously working to drive down costs and improve services.

We operate our own dedicated bike containers to and from a number of destinations which brings the cost down to far lower than freighting individual bikes.

We completely understand how important your motorcycle is to you, and how important that trip is to you – we will only transport your motorcycle in a manner that we would be happy to transport our own! Dependent on your requirements we offer airfreight, seafreight, trucking and multi-modal services, and for many destinations we can offer advice on paperwork requirements and routing.

To the best of our knowledge we are the only freight forwarder in the world who freight motorcycles as our main business (not as a sideline to other cargo), who crate motorcycles in-house at our own depot and have direct accounts with airlines (with our own electronic links to customs and said airlines).

Get in touch with us to make that dream ride a reality, or if the wheels are already turning let us know and we can help you on the next leg of your adventure!