Meet Tass Cambitzi

Tass is one of the UK’s leading yoga teachers. Her clients include world class athletes, celebrities and those with lives which place great demands on body and mind – long distance riders included. The body needs to stay strong and the mind focused, to be able to stay present and responsible for all the open-road asks of us.

She will guide us through the benefits of physical movement and provide you with an easy stretch, breathe and move routine that you can incorporate into your daily procedures to keep yourself ready for every eventuality on the journey. Bring something other than leathers or jeans to participate!

In her second presentation, Tass will be exploring meditation and visualisation techniques to help ‘service’ the mind before, during, and after the journey.

“You wouldn’t get yourself an all-singing, all-dancing GS and then let your reckless teenager ride it – that would be like letting an untrained mind drive your body.”

Tass will be answering individual questions with regards to specific physical stretches to aid you in your daily riding recovery, and psychological relaxation techniques to use before approaching a border crossing…