Meet Suzie and Kelvin

Hot off the plane from South America, Suzie Bostock and Kelvin Prevett will be talking all about the trepidation of first setting off all that time ago on their DR650 Suzukis. Where did they go and what happened?
They’ll also be part of our roundtable group with Spencer Conway and Daniel Palazzolo, discussing what’s what in South America right now. If you are thinking of going you need to bring those questions along with you and get the most uptodate info there is.
Suzie and Kelvin love the road less travelled, and therefore seek out the back roads, dirt roads and small villages, which always adds to the adventure. They have a huge thirst for life (and beer!), culture, nature and beautiful scenery, and South America has all of this in abundance. Although they plan to go around the world, continent at a time, they’ve spent the last two years meandering in just South America.
Kelvin is an engineer so has the responsibility of keeping the Suzukis from falling apart, Suzie is a physiotherapist but has recently started a website and Facebook page called Overlander Health to try and get people to share and talk about travel health topics and build a list of recommendations for health centres, dentists, doctors and vets around the world, all for free. It’s very new and a work in progress, but a labour of love.
After those first two years on the road, Kelvin proposed when they were wild camping at the end of the world in one of the most beautiful places they’ve been. Thankfully she said yes and they are getting married in October. Let the adventures continue!
If there are no delays in shipping their DRs will be in the show too.
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