Meet Rob Archibald

Having caught the overlanding bug after riding the length of Vietnam on a little Chinese ‘Honda’ in 2012, Rob gave up his bar work and lifeguarding, and flew, with his Honda CG125, to Cape Town in June 2015 to begin exploring the bottom half of Africa.

The bike choice was easy: lightweight, simple to fix, fuel efficient (at least 100mpg), blends in with the local bikes and most importantly, he already owned it. Riding anything else would be blasphemy!

He spent nine months riding South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya. Having no planned route or timescale he let the journey unfold naturally and took opportunities as they presented themselves.

Back in the UK the nomadic lifestyle hasn’t left him and he currently lives ‘on the road’. He says it’s hard to say what inspires him to travel, it just seems like one of the best things to do with the short time he has on the planet. Knowing how much there is out there and wanting to see and taste it all.

His is a great story, and his tough little CG will be in the bike show!