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Meet Paddy Tyson

Paddy is the editor of Overland Magazine and founder of the Overland Events. Born amid the incessant rain of County Fermanagh in north west Ireland, he has been travelling in search of sunshine ever since, which is odd given his pale complexion.
His first road trip took place during the hot dry summer of 1976, across North America as a 6 year old, with his mum and big sister. He first combined motorcycles with travel while at university in England and set off on a woefully unprepared CG125cc Honda in 1993 to try and see as much of Europe as he could in 4 weeks. Being arrested just seemed to add to the adventure, and the whole thing sowed the seeds of a plan for a two-wheeled global assault, which has been undertaken in sections ever since.
He has been a columnist and feature writer for publications on both sides of the Atlantic, an English teacher and University lecturer and remains an advisor to the Ted Simon Foundation nurturing new writing talent. Paddy is an author, editor and proof-reader and will be running various publishing and writing workshops at this year’s Overland Event.