Meet Oliver Solaro (aka Brokentooth)

By day, Oliver Solaro is a mild-mannered blue collar grunt, until he leaps into a phone booth and emerges 18 minutes later as rogue moto raconteur Brokentooth. Armed with a Kevlar kilt and the superhuman ability to exist in perpetual denial, he rides his trusty mount, Agatha where no KLR has gone before; across snow fields, up rivers… Yes really. And we are delighted that he’s flying in from Canada to give a presentation about his adventures at the Event.

In the past he has contributed remarkable stories to Overland, recounting tales of ice road riding and going temporarily blind in the process. But what are a few frozen corneas between friends when you are riding thousands of kilometres into the frozen Canadian tundra to get to the sea ice of the Hudson Bay? Or gate-crash the filming of ‘Ice Road Truckers’.

The Brokentooth Projects seem to become more extreme every year; he floated his trusty KLR down the wetter bits of the 1600kms French Canadian route of the 17thC explorer de Champlain, breaking the raft down and strapping it to the bike when going overland.

Due to come is a trip retracing Lillian Alling’s 1926 overland route from New York city to Russia. Story has it she picked up a pipe for self defence and started walking with the aim of making it home to her beloved Russia. After a few weeks working as a barmaid in Dawson City she saved enough money to buy a leaky boat which she drifted down the mighty Yukon and Klondike rivers to Nome, Alaska. From there she bartered her way across the Bering Strait and was never heard from again. Using the “raftercycle” from the Champlain project, Brokentooth intends to make his own way across the Bering…

There’s even more exploration in the pipeline including something very special on a CCM which will be revealed at The Event. He’s just returned from a 10 day shakedown ride in -30C to see how it copes with the cold.