Meet Michelle Lamphere

Born and raised in Sturgis, South Dakota, Michelle Lamphere worked her way up a local corporate ladder. She found it unfulfilling and decided to make a fresh start with more freedom and happiness, but first wanted some time to travel.

She deconstructed her life – sold her home, put her belongings in storage and left a twenty-year career as a hotel executive and its six-figure-a-year salary – to set out on a life-changing adventure, packing just the basics on her motorcycle. What started out as an extended vacation and break between careers, turned into a two-year journey from South Dakota to South America. Each year, she spends as much time as possible happily traveling, and often finds herself not wanting to go home.

In September 2015 she published a booklet on travel tips for overlanders planning to travel through Mexico, Central and South America. In May 2017 she published The Butterfly Route, her memoir from her two-year journey which retells her varied experiences including new friendships, rugged mountain roads to Andean villages, two broken bones, countless accidents (happy and otherwise), and a marriage proposal.

We’re delighted that Michelle is travelling all the way from the USA to be at the Event and to give a presentation about her journey through the Americas. You’ll find Michelle in the Authors’ Tent.