Meet Michael Schulze

“Roll up and take your seats please for tonight’s performance…”
The overland scene has been huge in Germany for a very long time and going global in the 1970s and 80s was more common than you’d think. Thankfully people like Michael Schulze who have been there and done that, then turned their attention to archiving the really historic journeys. Over 15 year’s worth of work and research has netted him an immense collection of adventure riding manuscripts, but more importantly, has enabled the world to rediscover some of the really remarkable adventure motorcycle trips of the 1930s.

Michael spent years searching the world for, and then painstakingly restoring, film footage from a couple of incredible PUCH two-stroke sidecar trips and he’ll be discussing the films and their maker Josef Boehmer, before screening one of them at The Event – “With 14hp through Africa”. Roll up, roll up to witness real adventure riding – pith helmet style!