Meet Margus Sootla

Margus Sootla is well-known to Overland readers for his phenomenal images and stories from all over the world. With his partner Kariina they travelled the world for years 2-up on a GS1150 before Kariina got her licence and they set off again.
For someone who works at the cutting edge of technology it’s interesting that he eschews digital and instead celebrates the depth and majesty of analogue photography, even developing his own images too.
We are delighted that he is flying in from Estonia to join us. As well as presenting about a recent trip to Iceland, where you’ll get to witness some remarkable pictures, we are pleased to say that he will be running some interactive photography workshops following the over-subscription of his photography talk at last year’s Event. Make sure you bring a few quid so that you can grab one of his simply beautiful hardback books!