Meet Louisa Swaden

Three years ago Louisa hadn’t ridden anything bigger than a 125. She wasn’t confident going faster than 50mph and didn’t like corners. Now she’s ridden the US, sailed from the Caribbean to New York, ridden across Europe and in north Africa, organised the Italian leg of WRWR, has begun guiding tours in eastern Europe and perhaps her greatest feat; has become a regular columnist in Overland Magazine. Achieving all those things meant overcoming one huge obstacle: fear.

But when she speaks at The Overland Event this year she will have just returned from Utah and an attempt at the 1000cc partially-streamlined World Land Speed Record. Yes really. It’s the only LPG-powered land speed record racer in the world. With more than 240mph in her sights that’s quite a leap in 3 years.
If you are worried about doing that trip you always traced on a map, you need to come and hear Louisa speak. I mean, we’re sure she’ll come back from Bonneville…