Meet July Behl

From Madagascar to Mexico, Madras to Montenegro, July Behl has explored five continents of the world on his motorbike. July has recently returned from his Alaska to Argentina overland journey on his uber-cool BMW RnineT Scrambler and his travels are inextricably interlinked with food, wine, writing and photography. July is a contributor to Overland and Rust Sports magazines and was the winner of Touratech’s ‘United People of Adventure’ project. When not riding, he is busy with one of his many projects from Moto Adventure Nights to Moto Adventure Photography. #THEBIGMOTOADVENURE
Hear his anecdotes about getting pulled over by the Cartel in Mexico, being gifted cannabis by the Peruvian police, being offered Strawberry coke in Colombia, getting pick-pocketed by hookers in Costa Rica and almost passing out from deadly diarrhoea in Villacamba ‘the land of longevity’. If he can do it so can you and all it takes is a little bit of planning and a lot of patience. Grab a pint and come on down!