Meet John Manning and Katy Haynes

Katy and John had only known each other a year before they set off on an 18,000 mile ride from Europe to Japan, roughing it through Russia and off-roading over Central Asia and Mongolia.
It all began with a post on Horizons Unlimited when John was looking for a travel partner. A young woman called Katy replied and when they first met they knew that they were about to embark on the journey of a lifetime.
Their adventure included several mechanical breakdowns but it was these motorcycle repairs and unexpected situations which lead Katy and John to the most ingenious, resourceful and hospitable people who kept their wheels rolling east .
They have now documented their journey through a 30 minute film showing this year at the Adventure Travel Film Festival. John will be presenting their adventure and trailering the film at the Overland Event showcasing how Katy and John’s relationship grew between them and the world they were exploring.