Meet Jocke Selin

At The Overland Event this year Jocke will be sharing his knowledge about maintenance, emergency repairs, tools and other tidbits, because he believes that everyone is capable of servicing and maintaining their vehicles.

He’ll cover situations you need to expect (puncture, fall, water ingestion), how to prop your bike up on the trail as well as servicing on the road and how to build the right toolkit. But he might include some other packing tips-n-tricks at the end.

Jocke has been tinkering with mechanical things all his life, be it bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles or cars. He loves sharing his knowledge and has been writing several online pieces about motorbikes, kit, tips and travel. He’s also a regular contributor to Overland Magazine!

The best thing he knows is just getting on his motorbike to head wherever the curves take him. He’s been skulking around Europe for 20 years, be it Nürburgring, Portugal, The Alps, Eastern Europe or the Nordic countries. The feeling is even better when Caz, his fiancé, is riding nearby.