Meet Helen Lloyd

Helen spends most of her time travelling. Even when she’s working to save up for the next trip, she maintains the freedom of an itinerant lifestyle by residing in her van.

For her first big overland journey, she cycled from the UK to Cape Town. Since then she’s pedalled down North and Central America and across Asia, packrafted in Nicaragua, bought and ridden a horse in Kyrgyzstan, and paddled a pirogue down the Niger River in Guinea.

After a winter cycling in Siberia(!), she finally upgraded to a motorbike and hasn’t looked back. She has since returned to Africa on her XT225 Serow, ridden it across Europe twice and spent last summer exploring Iceland’s remote highland trails, which is what she’ll be talking about at The Event.

After some 85,000 kilometres of abuse in Helen’s hands, the little bike is in a sorry state although she’s hopeful it can be resuscitated for one last adventure, otherwise it’ll be donating its parts to a replacement Serow.

She has written for Overland, has published two books – Desert Snow and A Siberian Winter’s Tale – about her cycling adventures and the book about her ride around Iceland is due out soon.