Meet Glynn Roberts

At the age of 21 Glynn broke down on his first trip abroad in Italy. No return ticket, next to no money (not even for a prized sticker for the bike), he rode the 1,500 miles back in four days at 30mph to save fuel money, living on 30 pears and a homemade loaf of bread!

The experience didn’t deter him, but rather it gave him the confidence to take on more adventurous challenges and trips, culminating in a 3 year round the world ride 6 years later.

In 2018 he made an impromptu trip to visit his niece in Mongolia on his 37 year-old BMW R80 G/S.
He’s continued the breakdown theme over the years, breaking down on every continent, narrowly making the trip home from Mongolia last year.

Glynn’s presentation is not an A to Z on how to do anything. But he does have some photos and a bunch of slightly bonkers stories from his trip to Mongolia and back.