Meet Geoff Hill

A giant of a man in the overlanding community, Geoff is a journalist, author, editor, raconteur and Internationally ‘capped’ volleyball player.
His travel books include ‘In Clancy’s Boots’ where he celebrated the centenary of the first recorded RTW ride by following in the tyre tracks of Carl Stearn Clancy’s Henderson. His first overland story ‘Way to Go’ set the stage for is now legendary jolly good humour, and recounted his ride back to N Ireland from India carrying fresh tea leaves.
Then there was ‘The Road to Gobblers Knob’ riding up the Americas, and ‘Oz: Round Australia on a Triumph’ which is, remarkably, about…
With legendary Irish wit he’ll be talking about loads of stuff and book-signing, but bring your own copy of ‘Way To Go’ as it’s sadly out of print. Then write to Blackstaff Press in Belfast and tell them to print it again!