Meet EmmaLucy Cole

EmmaLucy Cole had no interest in motorcycles until she saw Steph Jeavons speak at the Adventure Travel Film Festival. Inspired by the opportunities for a woman to travel and connect with local culture in a different way, she took her CBT and six months later obtained her full license. Picking up a Triumph Scrambler the same day, she rode up to the Overland Event Winter Warmer the next morning.

Spurred on by the people and the journeys shared at the Winter Warmer, EmmaLucy decided that while in Egypt conducting research for her PhD she would ride across part of the South Sinai Peninsula – with only two months’ experience of riding, in 35 degrees, and on an ancient dirt bike with a kick start. The journey was short, but extremely challenging.

EmmaLucy will talk about why taking on challenges as a new rider is important, what she would do differently next time, and how she’s preparing for a longer journey across the Middle East in the winter.