Meet Elspeth Beard

Elspeth Beard was the first British woman to ride solo around the world on a journey that began in 1982 when she was just 23.

Her 35,000-mile adventure on a 1974 BMW R60/6 covered North America, New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Europe. The BMW will be on display in the Bike Show at this year’s Event.

In an age before email, the Internet, mobile phones, satnavs and, in some parts of the world, readily available and reliable maps, Elspeth achieved something that would still seem remarkable today. Told with honesty and wit, Lone Rider is the extraordinary and moving story of a unique and life-changing adventure. Elspeth will be signing copies in the Authors’ Tent at the Event and will be engaged in a Q&A on the main stage.