Bike Show

The Bike Show has been the centre-piece of the Overland Event since 2015 and will be again in 2019, this year sponsored by TWS Vehicle Wiring.

Thanks to our partnership with Coventry Transport Museum, we’ll once again be featuring XRW 964M – probably the most famous Triumph motorcycle in the world of overland travel – which Ted Simon rode around the world on his Jupiter’s Travels journey in the ’70s.

We’ll also have Stanley Glanfield’s Rudge Outfit on show, which made an incredible RTW trip from 1927-28. It’s a remarkable piece of machinery which evokes all the romance and excitement of global travel almost 100 years ago.

Below are some of the machines that will grace the Bike Show this year


Heather Sinclair’s DRZ400
Back in the UK after Heather’s 10-month, 26-country adventure riding home from Indonesia.

Sam Manicom’s BMW R80 GS
Libby has been round the world, carried Sam on many other adventures, and now has more than a quarter of a million miles on her clock.

Norman and Maggie Magowan’s BMW F650GSs
Adventures in yellow around the world.

Elspeth Beard’s BMW R60/6
In 1982, setting off to go RTW was not the norm for a single female.

Paddy Tyson’s Aprilia Pegaso 650ie (Peggy)
This temperamental Italian mare is the star of ‘The Hunt for Puerto del Faglioli’

Jacqui Furneaux’s Enfield
This unassuming 500 Royal Enfield carried Jacqui round the world on a 7-year global odyssey and remains her daily transport.

Nich Brown’s Royal Enfield Bullet
Newly returned from 18 months in the Antipodes.

Will Brix’s 660 Tenere
30,000 miles toured across Africa and Asia, then recently raced across Europe.

Kane Avellano’s 2009 Triumph Bonneville
‘Bonnie’ clocked-up around 32,000 miles on Kane’s record-breaking round-the-world journey.

Stanley Glanfield’s Rudge Sidecar
From the iconic 1927-8 round-the-world journey.

Helen Lloyd’s 225 Serow
With 97,000 km on the clock it’s traversed Africa south to north, gone twice across Europe, and explored Iceland’s remote highland trails.

Suzie and Kelvin’s DR650s
Hot off the plane from South America.

Ian Coates’ Africa Twin
Perhaps this is the world’s most famous Honda Africa Twin 750!

Glynn Roberts’ R80GS
The 37-year old veteran of Glynn’s 2018 trip to Mongolia and back.

John Manning’s KLE500
The bike that carried John on his 18,000-mile ride from Europe to Japan with Katy Haynes, roughing it through Russia and off-roading over Central Asia and Mongolia.

Simon Millward’s “John T. Overlander”
Carried Simon RTW over 5 years. Courtesy of Motorcycle Outreach.

Matt & Reece’s Sidecar Outfit
Veteran of the boys’ remarkable round the world journey.

Gareth Jones’ ’51 Harley Pan
Gareth Jones’ ‘Pan Without A Plan’ hardtail Harley.


Plus ‘Tommy the Triumph’ sidecar outfit, which carried Richard and Mopsa English around the world during the ’80s.